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Mally Bibs Crown Leather Bib Available in 2 Sizes

Mally Bibs Crown Leather Bib

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Quality leather bibs from Mally Bibs

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Clearly, this one is fit for a princess! The heart appliqued crown is on a bubblegum pink with a soft pink reverse and bubblegum pocket.

About Mally Bibs:
Mally Bibs products are manufactured in the most earth friendly methods possible. Leather is a natural, biodegradable material and using our bibs also cuts down on laundry (water, electricity, and detergent) as well as the number of baby bibs that end up in the landfills.

They proudly design and manufacture all of their products in Canada. This allows them to keep a close eye on quality and safety, while ensuring that their employees are taken care of like family.

Their commitment to safety is always a top priority. Their materials are regularly tested by a 3rd party testing lab to ensure that they exceed CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) standards.
Mally Bibs are Washable:
From carrots to spaghetti sauce, it all washes off - guaranteed!

Mally Bibs are Reversible:
Each bib is 2 sided and includes a design and a pocket.

Mally Bibs are Adjustable.
Equipped with a magnet closure that slides to adjust neck size.

Mally Bibs are Dependable:
They stick to the fridge for storage so you always know where it is.

Mally Bibs are Durable:
Made with 100% baby safe leather, Mally Bibs are designed to last.

Mally Bibs are Comfortable:
Made with a soft, lightweight leather so baby is comfortable.

Mally Bibs are Reliable:
Sewn with a heavy duty nylon thread that will not rot or stain.

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