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  Plan Toys Rescue Set

Plan (toys) For Your Future

We want to rescue you with Plan Toys and we are so excited to be giving away one of these amazing sets to a lucky Raspberry Patch reader!  The value of this prize is $99.99 but as a prize to everyone, we have lowered the price to $79.99 while supplies last!

All you need to do is email us at: and tell us what your favorite Plan Toy(s) is/are!

We own several Plan Toys including the
Eco Town, the Chalet Doll House, the Pirate Ship, the Airport as well as some of the doll families and other accessories  to supplement these bigger items.  

Our kids have and continue to play with these over and over and they still look brand new (with the exception of a few pieces our labrador got a hold of!).

The things we love most about Plan Toys is that they are built to last, they have minimal packaging (ie. no plastic and twist ties you need to battle with) and they provide hours and hours of entertainment and imaginative possibilities. 

We also love that Plan Toys has a selection for all ages ranging from 6 months of age and up!  Perfect ideas for babes, toddlers, kiddos and us big kids that never wants to stop playing with great quality toys!

Good luck in our giveaway and
have fun checking out our extenstive Plan Toys
collection to pick your fave(s)!


Happy Holidays From Us To You!

Happy Holidays to You!
Art is Smart                            

Stuff It.                               

Puzzled About What to Buy?


Art Supplies, coloring books and anything that releases our child's inner Van Gogh or Emily Carr are definitely great go to gifts for the boys or girls on your list this year.  

We are especially fond of P'kolino's collection that includes an Art Set, Finger Paints, Markers, crayons and pencil crayons.

P'kolino Art Set

We also have super cool BIG doodle books from Taro Gomi, as well as other smaller doodle books such as Doodles at Lunch and Dinner and super cool on the go Scribble Its and Doodles for Boys and Doodles for Girls.  Prices start at $11.99!

We have a handful of Clementine Art natural products on sale at the moment too.


We fear we may be tooting our own horns a bit (or more accurately in our case, blowing our own Janod harmonicas), but we have to tell you we are pretty darn pleased with the incredible stocking stuffer collection we have put together this season.

We've got everything from the practical Onyx Stainless Steel Straws, to the vintage look Hello Hanna Paper Dolls to the artsy and fun Hector Serrano tattoos and ridiculously popular NPW origami and finger print sets which we just got a new shipment of!  Scoop 'em while you can!

NPW Fairy Tales

Moms can enjoy a Flip & Tumble 24X7 reusable bag and Dads can be eco on the go with the Light My Fire Titanium spork.  No matter whose stocking you are trying to stuff, we've got you covered.


Puzzles make for great gifts for growing minds and we stock a variety of puzzles for a wide age range and abilities.  

Mudpuppy is our most extensive puzzle supplier with 9 piece puzzles right up to 1000 pieces!  We've got 2-in1 puzzles, floor puzzles and many different designs to choose from!

Other brands we carry include: Dwell Studio, Beleduc 5 Layer Girl and Boy puzzles, P'kolino Multi-Solution Puzzles, Janod & Educo Peg Puzzles and Geared for Imagination's Topozoo Creations!

Topozoo Unicorn

Lastly yet certainly not leastly (yes we know leastly isn't a word), we have Tegu.  These sets are nothing short of works of art with a beautiful story about how the company was started.  We've completely sold out of the Explorer sets but still have a decent supply of Endeavor sets left.


Boxing Week Blow Out

from Sue's desk                             


What the heck is an OOTMOB you ask?  It stands for "Out Of The Mouth of Babes". Each month we will feature a cute quote, question or quip from one of our Raspberry Patch newsletter subscribers. Please email your submission to:

If we feature your OOTMOB, you will receive a $25 Raspberry Kids gift card.

This month's OOTMOB is ...

"I recently started adding fermented vegetables to our diet (saurkraut, pickles, carrots etc.).  Our kids LOVE them ... and I was preparing lunch the other day, I asked Emily, my three year old daughter if she would like a carrot."  

"She responded excitedly saying:  
Yes!  I want a demented carrot!"

Enjoy your $25 Raspberry Kids gift card Andrea!


We've got to make room for all the new goodies on our wishlist that we want to bring in next year so we plan on adding quite a few products to our sale section during our Boxing Week Blow Out Sale.

You can expect to find a selection of  items including seasonal items, overstock, one off's and brands we will be discontinuing to make way for some of our new and glorious finds!

We cannot wait to show them to you and need to make some room for all of them!

Join us on Facebook

Stay tuned and make sure you "Like" us on facebook for regular updates in between our monthly Raspberry Patch newsletters!


How did another year fly by so quickly?  What a year it was!  We've been so fortunate to add a heap of new products and get to work with many new suppliers in addition to our existing ones.  We've accomplished a lot this year and already have some key priorities lined up for 2012 and of course we've found many new products we are itching to get our hands on to bring to you.

We absolutely love and appreciate the community that is Raspberry Kids and getting to meet and interact with so many of you is what inspires us to continue doing what we do.  Please accept our gracious thanks and virtual hugs.

We truly hope your upcoming holiday season is filled with peace, love, happiness, family, friends, good food, good fare and good fortune.  Cheers to a brilliant new year ahead in 2012!

Have a fresh, healthy & fun day, today and every day!
Chief Executive Mom,
Raspberry Kids

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