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In 2011, in addition to great new products, we aim to also bring you a new look website.  Revamped &reorganized to serve you better.  As you can imagine this is a large undertaking but we expect the end result to be one you will be pleased with.  We plan to add new categories & navigation as well as new functionality. 
We've recently added categories for Party Planning as well as Loot Bag Love!  With more to come, stay tuned.
Without further adieu, here is a peek at some recently launched and soon to be launched products!
Tooli, by Oxo.  Our kids love these!

Bigger Bites Cups from Kinderville.  Sold in sets of two.  Pink/Purple combo also available.
Hello Yum Yum Bakery, the newest Hello Book style from Hello Hanna.
And you thought Dinosaurs were extinct!  Think again!  The much anticipated Dinosauz range from award winning anamalz.  Due to make their appearance in March.
Also due are other new anamalz such as a baboon, moose, polar bear &buffalo!
You heard it here first!  We hope you enjoyed the sneak peak of just a little bit of what we have planned for 2011.

keeping it fresh (healthy &fun)

The beginning of the year is a time where we take stock & determine which products & brands we want to continue with & which ones we will not be keeping.  Our "Retired" brands & products will find their way into our sale section & while we are always sad to say good-bye to existing products, we are pumped about making room for some amazing new ones! 

We spend countless hours researching new products & we are always on the hunt for the best of the best as well as the latest trends in the baby, kid & family space.  In some cases, we are adding new designs from existing suppliers but we have also sourced many new brands for 2011. 
One of our most exciting new products is Oxo Tot.  Expected by the end of March-ish, Raspberry Kids is oxo-cited about this oxo-cellent brand.  Better known for their Good Grips & adult centric products, Oxo has brought their amazing designs into our lives for the wee ones. 
We truly hope you like this addition to our line up as well as others we will be releasing throughout the year.

several ways to shop
We know how hectic life can be so we want to make things as EASY for you as possible.  Did you know there are several different ways you can shop at Raspberry Kids?
1.  Shop online 24 X 7 X 365 & in your PJ's if you so choose!
2.  Call our toll-free number at 1.888.950.KIDS (5437)
3.  Live in Vancouver?  Shop by appointment at our warehouse.
4.  Host a Private Shopping Event at our warehouse. Did we mention there are hostess benefits!  Contact us to hear all the juicy details.
5.  Don't live in Vangroovy?  You can still host a party!  An E-Party that is.  Click here to find out more!
6.  From time to time, we host events at our Vancouver warehouse, including an open house this month!  Come see us on February 26 or February 27 from 11-3. There will be deals, new products to check out, door prizes &more.
RSVP in advance on facebook 4 extra chances 2 win!
this month's ootmob
What the heck is an OOTMOB you ask?  It stands for "Out Of The Mouth of Babes".Each month we will feature a cute quote, question or quip from one of our Raspberry Patch newsletter subscribers.  Please email your submission to  If we feature your OOTMOB, you will receive a $25 Raspberry Kids gift card.
This month's winning OOTMOB is also a tribute to our National Pastime & our high flying Canucks:  "Let's beat those Reindeers!?"
My son lives, eats and breathes hockey, so when he talks about NHL teams he says: "Sandwich Kings" (for Los Angeles Kings) &my favorite, "New York REINDEER" (for New York Rangers)
So, it becomes, "Oh, Vancouver Canucks are playing the New York Reindeer!"  :-)
And when we kiss each other goodnight, he gives me three kisses & calls it a "Hat trick kiss"

Enjoy your $25 Raspberry Kids gift card Deanne!

We are really excited about 2011 and all it has to offer and we thank you for being a part of our Raspberry Kids community!
We sincerely appreciate the ongoing outpouring of support, reviews, testimonials, emails and words of praise and encouragement.  We often comment around the warehouse about how we have the most amazing customers and for this, we are so grateful.  
We will continue to strive to provide you with the best experience possible and to bring you new and exciting products to our growing collection.
Thank you for reading and have a fresh, healthy & fun day.  Today and every day.

Sue Sinclair
Chief Executive Mom
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Toll Free: 1.888.950.KIDS (5437)
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