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From the makers of miYim organic plush, comes the My Natural Good Earth Fairy.  Featuring a full head of yarn like hair and sweet velvety wings, this limited edition fairy rag doll is made from untreated, unprocessed and unbleached cotton. 
A safe doll for all ages, the fairy gets her hue from mineral and soy colorings through a low-impact dye process. 
The Good Earth Fairy comes in a ready to gift reusable, recycled cardboard box. 

Smiling Planet's Wonderfull World
Smiling Planet makes earth friendly plates for kids that use safe, sustainable, recycled and organic materials because they're good for the planet.  Three gorgeous designs to choose from.

Notable Quote:
We found this quote on one of our supplier's websites and wanted to use it on our website and in our newsletter as it really resonated with us.
   "Treat the Earth Well.
   It was not given to you
   by your parents.
   It was loaned to you
   by your children."
              ~ Kenyan proverb

Another customer find, we are now offering the Strider PREBike and just in time for bike season. 
The Strider PREBike comes in 6 colors and we cannot wait to try out the one we have ordered one for our 3 year old. 
Too bad there is a height/weight limit, otherwise, the big kid in me would give it a go because they look awesome!

In this section of our newsletter, we promote local businesses we love. 
The Founder and Director and mother of 3 girls, Jennifer Hood has designed a curriculum specifically to help children become active for life by teaching them foundational movement skills. 
In addition to regular classes, little ones can get into the Jump! spirit with birthday parties or summer camps.
Registration for Jump!'s super flexible Summer Camp is now open.  

get Vapurized, a revolutionary way to drink water:
Vapur flexible bottle $11.99 or 4 for $44.99Introducing the original Vapur flexible bottle.
Vapur is the first collapsible water bottle designed to fit in your pocket, purse, backpack, brief case or diaper bag.
Unlike rigid water bottles that are full of hot air when empty, Vapur can be rolled, folded or flattened and tucked away.
Vapur, the anti-bottle is available in 5 colors and are sold individually for $11.99 or you can get a Vapur 4 bottle bundle for $44.99. 
Raspberry Kids is very pleased to be one of the first retailers of the Vapur bottle in Canada and would like to extend a huge thank you to one of our customers who discovered this incredible product and brought it to our attention. 
Raspberry Kids Puts the GIVE in GIVEaway update!

We have added a goodbyn (or greatbyn as we like to call them) as well as a Vapur to each of the prize packs.  
This brings the value of the prize pack for the winner and for a local children's charity up to $685.   
New to the Raspberry Patch this month?  Here is the scoop on our Raspberry Kids puts the GIVE in GIVEaway:
The winner is guaranteed a prize package worth a minimum of $1000!  We will also have a matching prize package that will be donated to a local Vancouver children's charity and since the contest closes at the end of November, both the winner and the charity will have all of their goodies in time for the holiday season.

customer testimonial: 
From Nancy Owens, the co-owner & Director of Sales and Marketing from Vancouver based Babyvibe.

Hi Sue,
My friend was super happy to receive her RK e-gift card today ... turns out she is already a big fan of Raspberry Kids, so the gift was indeed a "hit". 
And with this being baby #2 for her (and since she is already fairly well-stocked in terms of baby gear), she really appreciates the opportunity to select exactly what she needs from your impressive & diverse selection of merchandise!
Thanks again for turning my "last minute gift" anxieties into a golden experience!"
Take care,

We love receiving emails, calls and comments from our customers, please keep them coming!

this month's ootmob 
What the heck is an OOTMOB you ask?  It stands for "Out Of The Mouth of Babes".  Each month we will feature a cute quote, question or quip from one of our Raspberry Patch newsletter subscribers.  Please email your submission to  If We feature your OOTMOB, you will receive a $25 Raspberry Kids gift card.
This Month's Winning OOTMOB: "Privaseat Please"
"My 2.5 year old daughter is making great progress in her potty training (which is wonderful).  And like any self-respecting toddler, she is asserting her independence wherever possible.  In this case, it now means wanting to have a minute to herself to, well, take care of business.
Lately, with her ever expanding (but not always accurate) vocabulary, when requesting a moment of toilet independence, she asks, "Please have privaseat?"
I love this, in large part because most of us could use some "privaseat" in the bathroom."
Here here!  We could not agree more!

Enjoy spending your $25 Raspberry Kids electronic gift card.

Thank you to everyone who continue to submit their OOTMOBS!

This newsletter is dedicated to my father who passed away 5 years ago this month.  Not only did he not get to meet his grandchildren, he also did not get to see the launch of Raspberry Kids.  We know he would have been one of our best business advisors, biggest fans and would be promoting Raspberry Kids to his fellow grandparents.
Daddy, I still miss the twinkle in your eye, the skip in your step, your dry wit, hearty appetite and your hugs and kisses.  We are not sure about the dry wit yet but many of these other attributes live on in your grandchildren, Jamie & Riley.
I love you and miss you.  XOXOXO
Thank you for reading and have a fresh, healthy & fun day.  Today and every day.

Sue Sinclair
Chief Executive Mom & proud daughter always
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