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Fresh Picks

We loved the e-racers that Bamboo Collection Creative launched in 2008.  They are literally carved out of a bamboo reed and come in 3 colors.  In late 2009 and just missing the Christmas rush, they released the Bamboo Airplane, Dump Truck & Hot Rod, which would make for excellent birthday gifts for the little Hot Rod or flyer in your life. 
We certainly hope Bamboo Collection Creative expands their offerings again in 2010.


The contest to win a much coveted Creative Cookery Club is now closed.  Over the course of the next couple of weeks, we will draw from our Raspberry Patch newsletter subscribers, our Facebook fans and we will give extra ballots to those of you who forwarded our message along.  The winner will be announced in our February Raspberry Patch and stay tuned because we are also working on a new and VERY EXCITING GIVEAWAY!

In this section of our newsletter, we typically promote local businesses we love. 
This month's spotlight is not a business though, it is our dear labrador, Beli.  It doesn't get any more local than our own home and we certainly *LOVE* our canine companion beyond words. 
Beli was recently diagnosed with bone cancer and will not be with our family much longer.  While we are obviously saddened by this prognosis, we also cherish the 7 great years we have shared with him and will make the most of the time we have left. 
We will certainly do our best to spoil Beli and shower him with bacon, pats and lots of love. 
We thank everyone for their compassion and well wishes.  We know Beli has touched many people's lives with his goofy smile and relentless mooching and we know he will RIP (Ruff in Peace).  
For the record, Marley has nothing on you Beli.  XOXOXO

Dog's lives are too short.  Their only faults, really
~ Agnes Sligh Turnbull

raspberry kids TV debut:
We were so incredibly grateful to Savvymom for the opportunity to be interviewed by Global TV just before Christmas.  The spotlight was on finding well made and "green" gifts that didn't break the bank. 
Michelle & Sheila from Savvymom did a wonderful job showcasing their economical eco-finds and I had the opportunity to spotlight Raspberry Kids, Plan Toys, including their minimal and recyclable packaging as well as our warehouse.
Read the article or enjoy the short clip and let's just say a career in TV is NOT in my future.

congratulations marcia!
Marcia was the lucky Raspberry Patch newsletter subscriber that won herself a $100 Raspberry Kids online gift card in our December draw.  Happy Shopping! 
In January and February, all new Raspberry Patch subscribers (and our loyal existing subscribers of course!) will be entered to win a Beco Baby Carrier valued at $158.99! 
Our awesome Facebook Fans are also automatically entered to win.  We are so excited to add 5 styles of the gorgeous Beco Baby Carriers to our collection including the lovely Carnvial design shown below.

The Beco Baby Carrier story:  Designed by a babywearing parent, active sailor and rock climber, Gabby Caperon.  Beco combines perfect ergonomics, excellent weight distribution and stylish design from top quality fabrics.  Each carrier is handmade by a skilled seamstress in facilities which apply high social and economical standards.  Sustainability and minimal impact of their production on the environment is important to them.  They strive to provide the best quality, safe products and friendly customer service.  Please also see a recent review of the Beco Baby Carrier on the Spilt Milk Moms blog. 

what say you?

We would love to hear what you have to say about any of your Raspberry Kids purchases and would appreciate you taking the time to write a review on our website.   
You could help influence future Raspberry Kids customers purchases! 
Please see some existing reviews on our website of the Sprig Discover Rig, the Creative Cookery Club, lunchbots duo and the DeLux Knitwit Sock Monkey Hat!
Add to these reviews or be the first to tell us your thoughts on a particular product! 

customer testimonial:

Thank you so much for my order.  I was pleasantly surprised on how fast I received the order and for that I am grateful.  I also was impressed at the packaging inside.

I LOVE the card that was included inside, the personal touch had made a faithful customer of me. 

The quality of products were very impressive and quite enjoyable.  Good luck on future success.

We love to receive emails, calls and comments from our customers, please keep them coming! 
this month's ootmob
What the heck is an OOTMOB you ask?  It stands for "Out Of The Mouth of Babes".  Each month we will feature a cute quote, question or quip from one of our Raspberry Patch newsletter subscribers.  Please email your submission to  If we feature your OOTMOB, you will receive a $25 raspberry kids gift card.
Winning OOTMOB: "Feeling a bit Froggy!"

My 3 1/2 year old son was talking kind of raspy this morning and I asked if he had a frog in his throat?
He replied "When I was a baby, I was swimming in the lake and a baby frog swam into my mouth and now lives in my throat" he continued "It ok, its just a baby so it doesn't have any teeth."

Needless to say I couldn't stop laughing for a good long time after that one.

Enjoy spending your $25 Raspberry Kids electronic gift card Devan!
Thank you to everyone who continue to submit their OOTMOBS!

We want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for subscribing to our newsletter and for being so supportive of what we do. 
Thank you for reading and have a fresh, healthy & fun day and an extraordinary 2010!

Sue Sinclair
Chief Executive Mom
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