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P'kolino Children's Desk
we pick p'kolino

Prounounced pee-ko-lee-no.  This amazing company, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida was founded by two super duper smart guys whose goal was to make better products to improve play at home.  

We think they have succeeded and then some.  They haven't just improved play, they've also improved the look of play with these incredibly crafted, durable and high quality toys and furnishings.

P'kolino makes puzzles, art supplies and gorgeous pint sized furniture.  

P'kolino Multi Solution Puzzle

We are giving away one fabulous P'kolino Children's Desk in orange, featured in the image to the left.  

Simply email us and tell us what your fave pick from the entire P'kolino collection is!

facebook schmacebook

le toy van visit

tried, tested & true

Don't get us wrong, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our facebook community.  It's a whole lot of fun hearing from you and engaging with you on a daily basis, however, the powers that be at "The Facebook" (Zuckerberg, we're talking to you) have decided to only show our posts to a limited amount of people. (Visualize our sad faces). 

We get it though and hey, for a free-ish platform that allows us to have so much fun, we know there is a bit of give and take.

To make sure you see our posts:

1.  Please go to our facebook page
2.  Click on the "Liked" button under our timeline cover photo
3.  Activate the "Show in News Feed" option
4.  Voila!  Success!

We've gone and done this for several of our fave pages so we don't miss a beat and we can keep sharing and curating relevant articles, pictures and funny quotes that we hope entertain you and bring a smile to your face!

We absolutely love and appreciate your likes, comments, questions, photos & participation on our facebook page.

We added the wonderful wooden Le Toy Van line to our catalogue last year after coveting it for years.

It has such a lovely vintage and retro feel to it and is very well made.  
Based in Surrey, UK, I took the opportunity to venture out their way from London to meet with them.  I was picked up and hosted by the lovely Sophie, Le Toy Van's Sales Manager.  She started with LTV part time 17 years ago and has been with them ever since.

Le Toy Van Showroom Visit July 2012

We had a lovely afternoon but regrettably didn't have time to visit her local pub.  

I did get a sneak peek of some awesome new products and we plan to expand our LTV offering very soon!  

We are so pleased and proud to be a Le Toy Van retailer!

We really believe in due diligence and vetting products before we sell them at Raspberry Kids.  We also believe in design and functionality and we test and use many of the products we carry.

On our current summer vacation, the following items were on our "to pack" spreadsheet:

Lunchskins:  Great for carrying snacks on planes, trains & automobiles!

Dwell Travel Cases:  Our daughter uses the Paper Dolls design small case and for our son and myself, the awesome and iconic Transportation pattern.

Flip & Tumble:  We've used our 24X7 bag almost daily for groceries and as a beach bag.

Our Vapur water bottles and Klean Kanteens have kept our thirst quenched on the go.

We couldn't live without our Coco & Tini haircare products for the kids so we brought along their convenient travel pack!

To keep us protected from the sun, we are using our Green Beaver sunscreen and Badger face stick!

Another must item on our packing list is the fabulous wide brimmed hats from Kooringal.

We hope you are enjoying some of your Raspberry Kids purchases this summer too!


planning ahead

from Sue's desk

What the heck is an OOTMOB you ask?  It stands for "Out Of The Mouth of Babes".

Each month we will feature a cute quote, question or quip from one of our Raspberry Patch newsletter subscribers.

Please email your submission to:

"Our son Quinn, breastfed until he was 2.  

He is now 2.5 and still yearns for yester year and angles for milk from mom once in a while.  

He recently asked "Momma, may I have some milk from your nibbles?"

Please contact us to claim your $25 Raspberry Kids gift card Laura!

While we love *almost* every part of our gig at Raspberry Kids, one of the toughest parts of our job is to always be ahead of the game and prepare for the upcoming season months in advance.  

Rest assured we are committed to this task and we've been doing our homework and have lots of your faves and many new items that will be here in time for the mad scramble in late August!  Some items have arrived already including these cool backpacks from ORE Originals:

ORE Originals Zippee Backpack Matryoshka
You can count on Raspberry Kids to be organized and ready.  

We've got your back (to school).

Our journey has passed it's six week mark and we've covered a lot of ground!  The kids are taking it all in and we've created so many memories and expect that we will make many more before our adventure is done.

We had the unique experience of celebrating Canada Day in London's Trafalgar Square with many other Canadians.  We dressed in our red and white, brought our flag and had pancakes and poutine and were reminded of how awesome it is to be able to call Canada our home.

We hope wherever you celebrated Canada Day it was a fabulous one and that your July is filled with sunshine, family time and some R&R as we all break from our regular routines and bask in all that summer has to offer!

Have a fresh, healthy & fun day, 
Chief Executive Mom,
Raspberry Kids

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