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Totseat Travel Highchair available in multiple colours

Totseat Travel Highchair - Coffee Bean

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The perfect gift for parents (and babes) who lunch!

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While fabric "highchairs" have been around for years, the Totseat travel highchair (which is sometimes called a chair harness) has introduced some unique design innovations. Safe, comfy and funky, the Totseat highchair can be shortened or extended to fit all manner of high-backed, low-backed, stylish, traditional, weird or boring chairs. It fastens at the back with a fabulous plastic clip, which means dads won't get into a stew if a quick exit is required.

The unique detachable cummerbund provides back support, so the wee one will not slip backwards through the chair. It is completely washable, so juice stains, squashed broccoli and dribble are removed in an instant. Best of all, using a Totseat travel highchair means that the lucky baby gets to sit in an adult chair with everybody else.

About Totseat:
Necessity is the mother of invention.

The first Totseat travel highchair was made from the lining of a wedding dress and the second from a sheet. Many prototypes later and after more than 900 testing experiences on a huge variety of chairs, the washable, squashable fabric highchair was born.

Totseat Ltd. firmly believes that progressive and successful companies are also socially responsible. The Totseat Ltd. team strives to ensure that the product is manufactured responsibly, the company's employees and customers are looked after and it interacts with its stakeholders and the environment in a positive way.

Totseat is a proud offering at Raspberry Kids
Suitable for children eight to thirty months old. (Child must be able to sit on their own before using Totseat)

Fits most chairs with back height of between 25cm and 75cm, and a width of less than 53cm.
Adapts to fit chairs of varying heights, includes al fresco fasteners for rounded, metal-framed chairs, and also comes with a super-secure wide strap to create a back support on open-backed chairs.

Machine wash, Tumble dry.
50% cotton, 50% polyester.

Squashes to about 18cm tall x 12cm wide x 4cm deep, making it about the size of a pair of ski gloves and easy to fit into a baby bag or handbag.
Weighs about 360g.

Lifetime guarantee.

Totseat Ltd.:
-Complies with European standards for child chair harnesses.
-Donates 5% of profits to the Sick Kids Foundation at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh, Scotland.
-Strives to minimise the impact of its operations on the environment.

Customer Reviews

Great product for travel Review by Chin Chin Chua
Bought this for our trip to Europe. Like the fact that it fits into most chairs and very easy to assemble. However without the 5 point harness, safety will still be my concern. Overall a great product that is good for travelling. (Posted on 2/28/2014)

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